Aircraft manufacturing company brings new jobs, boosts economy with expansion

Thrush Aircraft is an aerial application aircraft manufacturing company

ALBANY, Ga. – Albany’s based Thrush Aircraft announced their newest certification with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Thursday morning.

South Georgia Television News Reporter Quinlan Parker talked with Thrush’s CEO Mark McDonald about a new aircraft and production line which means more than 100 plus jobs, and how this will impact the Good Life City.

Mark Mcdonald

Mark McDonald, CEO Thrush Aircraft (SouthGATV/Quinlan Parker)

Not only will there be more jobs added, but this will bring a boost in our economy.

“Our new product is taking a combination of our best airframe and our new engines and putting them to create a combination of the best of both worlds.” said McDonald.

The new production line is already in place. A dozen aircrafts are on order, and ready for delivery once the first two type certificates are allocated.

McDonald says Thrush plans to hire more than 125 people over the next year in order to meet the increased demand.

“The market place is growing, the demand for these products are far greater than what we can actually produce, so we’re ramping up operations significantly.” said Mc. Donald.

McDonald says local job creation not only helps the Albany area proper, but the state as well.

“We are an exporter, 70% of what we sow goes around the world. So money from other countries is coming in to Georgia, into Albany and to the supply chain that we buy from.” said McDonald.

“Today we’re celebrating not just that new product, but also a 125 new jobs that will raise wages, prevent livelihoods for our citizens and their families and have an incredible indirect impact on our Albany area economy.” said Barbara Rivera Holmes, the President and CEO of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.

Holmes explains how manufacturing is a 4 to 1 indirect economic multiplier.

“So manufacturing, one job equals 4 jobs somewhere else. So, Albany is a manufacturing legacy community. We love to see our manufacturers invest and grow their footprint in Albany.” said Holmes.

President and CEO of the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission Jana Dyke says that the significance of Thrush’s expansion and certification goes beyond one specific industry.

“It has a reciprocating impact on all kinds of business that are in our area. The suppliers that provide the needed tools and equipment for this industry, as well as work force, education, our school systems.” said Dyke.

The first of the four configurations have been granted it’s certification by the FAA while the others are planned to be certified later this summer.

If you’re interested in joining the Thrush Aircraft team click here.