How political identity impacts our view of reality

NYU psychologist Jay Van Bavel says a person's political identity and information universe both shape beliefs. "So if they're hearing misinformation from the news sources that they tune into, from the people they follow on social media, from their local…

The "both sides" problem with American news coverage

Veteran journalist Jackie Calmes says political journalists are failing the public when they indulge "both-siderism." She says the radicalization of the GOP is a key story: "People are feeling like, well, without Trump in the picture, we're sort of back…

Report: YouTube filter bubble is worse for Fox viewers

Katie Paul, director of Tech Transparency Project, discusses the group's new report about left-wing and right-wing videos on YouTube. She says "the Fox viewer never broke out of their Fox feedback loop" while the MSNBC viewer was served a "more…

Senator Blumenthal on the significance of the Facebook Papers

Sen. Richard Blumenthal tells Brian Stelter the "drumbeat of disclosures" about Facebook are strengthening the case for reform. He says the company is "unable to police itself," and its assertions about supporting regulation are "the height of disingenuousness."

How Fox News gave birth to a false narrative

CNN's Brian Stelter breaks down how a memo from the National School Board Association about threats made against school board members evolved into a right-wing narrative that parents are under attack.

Treasury secretary makes prediction about US inflation rate

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she expects inflation to return to normal levels by the second half of 2022 and pushed back on former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summer's fears that the Biden administration is losing control over inflation.


The Dow rose to a fresh record high Friday, following in the footsteps of the S&P 500, which notched its own record Thursday.