Worth Co. Sheriff warns phone scammers are impersonating deputies

SYLVESTER, Ga. – The Worth County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning about a string of phone scams. One in which the scammer pretends to be a Worth County Deputy.

Worth County Sheriff Don Whitaker says that what they want is your typical want from a phone scam…untraceable money through gift cards.

“It’s someone calling, using a fictitious name, of supposedly, a lieutenant or a sergeant that works here, claiming that they were in contempt of jury duty, and they’re requiring this person they’re calling to go get a card loaded with 300 dollars,” said Sheriff Don Whitaker, Worth County Sheriff’s Office.

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The scams starting popping up around the middle of August according to Sheriff Whitaker…

With the scammers claiming there was a warrant for his arrest from the Worth County Sheriff.

Sheriff Whitaker says the Worth Co. Sheriff’s Office will never call you if there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

“If there’s any question in anybody’s mind about a phone call that has to do with any kind of court system, whether it’s in this county or not; call us. Cause we’re not gonna call you and say ‘Hey, we’ve got a warrant for you.’ you’ll know we’ve got a warrant for you when we show up to your doorstep,” said Sheriff Whitaker.

But, in addition to posing as Worth County Deputies, Sheriff Whitaker says that some of the people who’ve been targeted have received this fake warrant for their arrest.

Sheriff Whitaker points out how exactly these are fake to intimidate people into paying.

“They actually texted a copy of a fake warrant. It says United States District Court on a fake warrant. That has nothing to do with us. If it’s a warrant from here, we’ll come to your house, we won’t call you on the phone, and it won’t be through the federal court, it will be through the Superior Court,” said Sheriff Whitaker.

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And, if you do end up on the phone with one of these scammers impersonating a Worth County Deputy and it sounds suspicious, don’t give out any information.

“Don’t give any information out. Don’t tell them your name, your address, your social security number. Never do that on the phone. If there’s any question about anything that anyone calls and asks for, please call us, so we can investigate it further,” said Sheriff Whitaker.

And, Sheriff Whitaker says that if you feel you’re being targeted by phone scammers to call the Worth County Sheriff’s Office as soon as possible.

And, you can contact the Worth County Sheriff’s Office at (229)-776-8211.

Brian Roche reporting.

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