White Mold in Peanuts

Extension Agent Talks Causes and Solutions

CORDELE, GA – White mold is a serious problem for peanut farmers each year, and the weather is not helping in some South Georgia fields.

“It is something we look out for every year. and, right now, we have optimal conditions. it likes hot weather, but it likes wet weather to spread,” said Joshua Grant, ANR Agent.

He says the recent heavy rainfall has made matters worse.

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“Now, wet conditions on the surface of the soil are prime time for that growth and spread of this disease,” said Grant.

Grant explains how white mold can damage a peanut crop.

“This subtle growth can cause damage to the stem. It can grow on the roots. And it can damage the pegs of the peanut plant that go down into the ground and will ultimately form the holes of our peanuts,” said Grant.

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Grant tells how growers can protect their fields to keep the disease from spreading like wildfire.

“Because we know this disease is out there especially in these kinds of conditions in a crop like peanuts, we know at different intervals throughout the growing season we’re going to have to preventively spray. And, hopefully, we don’t get into a situation where we are having to curatively spray, which really does not work,” said Grant.

“Like I said, you’ve got your thirty to forty-five days after planting. You’re probably going to shoot the field with a fungicide. And, then you’re going to target from there. And, if you have to go in between to do an emergency spray that’s between the producer, their consultant, and what have you to try to understand that in a case-by-case basis from field to field,” said Grant.

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