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Scotty Raines Crowned Georgia Farmer of the Year

TURNER COUNTY, GA – Down on the farm… In Turner County…

Where Scotty Raines is Georgia’s Farmer of the Year…

“We grow mainly peanuts and cotton, but we do grow a good bit of corn. We started growing watermelons several years ago. And we do grow just a few cantaloupes,” said Raines.

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Since the late 1990’s, Turner County’s Scotty Raines has been planting and harvesting a number of commodities.

And, today, fellow farmers came together for breakfast and to celebrate Raines’ agricultural accomplishments.

Raines said he’s humbled to be chosen.

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“Well, it began as a passion to actually plant a seed and to see it grow,” said Raines.

Raines said one of his “growing” accomplishments in this year’s harvest is a seedless, local favorite.

“This year we actually grew a yellow meated seedless watermelon, that turned out really well. We marketed it through the Cordele Market,” said Raines.

Besides growing peanuts, cotton, corn, and watermelons, Raines also said he grows a little grain sorghum and also raises some cattle on his farm.

As Georgia’s Farmer of the Year, Raines will go on to compete for Swisher Southeastern Farmer of the Year honors… set for the Sunbelt Ag Expo in October.

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