Small business in Tifton offers Georgia Grown products

'Savor the Flavor'

TIFTON, Ga. – One South Georgia business is staying true to home as down town Tifton’s ‘Savor the Flavor’ only sells Georgia Grown products.

It wasn’t easy getting the doors open at ‘Savor the Flavor’…

“Banks didn’t want to touch it, even local businesses were saying you’re setting up for failure,” said Connie Stover, owner of ‘Savor the Flavor’

But store owner Connie Stover didn’t believe the naysayers…

“And I stuck true to what I believed in starting with six little wines and a few products and exceeded everyone’s expectations,” she said.

Because she never gave up, shoppers who stop by can enjoy products made right here in Georgia…

“ Crackers, potato chips, pretzels. We’re not just jams, jellies, peaches, and pecans. We have a very unique selection,” she said.

But you wouldn’t be looking at these items right now if Stover didn’t have anything pushing her…

“My inspiration was a passion to give back. I wanted to give back to Tifton, to Georgia, to local people. I wanted them to know that they were appreciated,” she said.

And with that type of spirit, stover says other entrepreneurs can do the same thing…

“Be true to yourself, if you really believe in it, and you have a passion for it go for it,” she said.

Because, if not, you may always wonder what would have happened if you just went for it.

‘Savor the Flavor’ will be hosting Five Points Berries Wine for free wine tasting from 4pm to 8pm today.

Cameron Sanders reporting.

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