Pop-up restaurant fighting food insecurity in Albany

ALBANY, Ga. – “We believe there is so much life and goodness in the good life city,” says co-founder of Gud Life Flow, Princess Brownlee.

Both she and co-founder Joshua Nelson have established a restaurant that has no tables, chairs, or even walls. And this restaurant-less restaurant is a fresh take on dining. Gud Life Flow is a pop-up that is meatless, plant based and uses locally grown produce. 

“Thats what we are targeting, plant based, vegan cuisine.”

Nelson says the pop-up style restaurant was designed to address food insecurity, “But also deal with health issues people have here in Albany, we really want this restaurant to be a healthy alternative for people who are looking for a way to better their diet, to increase their health and we know that, especially here in Southwest Georgia that a lot of this disease and health problems result from the food that we eat so we wanted to create something that would kind of help fight that problem here in Southwest Georgia.”

A lot of the ingredients used in their unique meals come straight from community gardens or are locally grown. 

“You know what you’re eating and you know what’s going into your body so you know its good for you,” says Nelson.

And right now, the restaurant isn’t necessarily charging people anything for their meals. They’re a non-profit that’s working entirely on donations, suggestions and volunteers. When ordering food from their website, they include suggested pricing to encourage donations but people who can’t afford to do so won’t be left out. In fact, They’re always looking for ways to include members of the community.

“We are a community centered organization, non-profit organization so you out there if you have recipes if you have suggestions if you have events if you have ideas, we are so open to it.”