Organization distributes essentials to 400 food-insecure families

ALBANY, Ga. – A local church hosted a free food and essentials drive at the Albany Civic Center Thursday.

“We’re just trying to be a church that always try to look out for our sisters and brothers,” says bishop Betty Jackson.

Members and volunteers with the First Apostolic Church in Albany provided 400 families with food and essentials.

“Some of them that are coming through the lines now are giving us a brief history of what’s been going on in their families and yes, a lot of them have been affected by COVID-19.”

With recent unemployment due to COVID-19, the church has noticed families who have never needed help before are now finding themselves in an unfamiliar reality – living with food insecurity.

“In my prayers to God I’ve always said ‘Lord just let me to be a help to somebody as I pass along the way,’ I can’t give them a job but I can give them food.”

The 25-pound boxes contain shelf-stable food and families also get a 15-pound box of personal care items like shampoo, lotion and toothpaste.

“They also get from Avon, who has contributed 400 boxes themself. So we’ve just been blessed, thats just all I can say about it. I’m just thankful to God and thankful to the people that God has blessed because now they can go a little bit further in life.”

Jackson says leftover boxes will be distributed to home-bound seniors in the area.