‘Love, Light, and Grace’

'Love, Light, and Grace'

OCILLA, GA – Amid the struggles of a day-to-day life, it can be hard to find ways to do good and give back to communities.

But, luckily for the residents of Ocilla, Georgia, there are three women who have dedicated themselves to that exact mission.

Mallory Shiver, Holly Conner, and Christen Miller are the three women who started the non-profit ‘Love, Light, and Grace’.

But, how did they get started in this space?

“So, we both were stay-at-home moms, and then like she said, God laid a podcast on our hearts, and we started doing that once a week, and it kind of turned into all this,” said Mallory Shiver.

While it sounds serendipitous, it’s not.

There was a specific event that led to the evolution of this resident non-profit.

“Through that journey, God’s opened up several other doors, and he brought a young lady into our life that we tried to help out. She was just a lady in need, and it opened our eyes to the needs that women have in our local community area. And, just the desire to want to help them,” said Holly Conner.

Those needs will be met in a variety of ways, in the form of haircuts and stylings, computers and WiFi for resume building, cleaning supplies, feminine products, a safe place for Bible studies, and a resource center with a list of other local donation centers.

And, while ‘Love, Light, and Grace’ is not yet open for business, they plan to open in May and have already started the process of getting the word out.

“Yeah, we’ll do a Facebook one too, but the Instagram is llgrace, and then we have an email and a phone number, and we just set-up a Venmo for it too, because we’re a non-profit, so we’re solely working off donations,” said Shiver.

As they mentioned, they already do have an Instagram account up, which will be the best way to follow this story, as they make preparations for the opening day of ‘Love, Light, and Grace.’

Josh Julian reporting.

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