Local Veterans reflect on Memorial Day

Taking time to reflect...

ALBANY, Ga. – As Memorial Day weekend kicks off, we caught up with a couple of local Veterans about what this day means to them as they remember their fallen brothers.

Just ask Cornerstone Coffee Company owner, Stanley Franklin who served multiple tours in the Middle East.

“…Being over there, I actually lost a lot of friends, and so memorial day, I’m actually closed, and every memorial day, I honor one of my friends who passed away. First year I did it, it was a guy named Grant Wickman, he was a 361 camp with me, another guy who I’m doing this year, is sergeant brown, he was in the 212th Infantry with me…” said Stanley Franklin, owner, Cornerstone Coffee Co.

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We met another Veteran not far up the street…

Retired Navy Veteran Tomeka Barnes who served in Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

“For me, Memorial Day is more than just a holiday where people grill out and get together. It’s more for the fallen, and those who have sacrificed and given their lives for their country, and for us to remember them…” said Retired Navy, Vet. Tomeka Barnes.

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As Veterans across the country take time to reflect this Memorial Day weekend, about all that they and their brothers-in-arms did for this country…

“…Being away from your family for all that time, and being shot at every day is not fun. But just coming home and know that you have done your due diligence for your country is a proud moment for me.” said Retired Navy, Vet. Tomeka Barnes.

“It’s a day really to reflect…on people who died so that we could have our freedoms. It always brings me back to Christ; and how he died so that we could have our freedoms, so we could be free to live, and free to have a relationship with him…” said Franklin.

While many will be celebrating throughout the holiday weekend, it’s important to understand the sacrifice that many who served our country made.

There will be several Memorial Day services taking place across Southwest Georgia.

Brian Roche reporting.

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