Georgia’s Pecan Haul

UGA Specialist Provides Update on Crop's Outlook

TY TY, GA – Time now to get “down on the farm”… In Ty Ty…

Where the Georgia Growers Association held its Pecan Field Day at the University of Georgia Ponder Research Farm.

South Georgia Television’s Meteorologist Matthew Crumley found out how this year’s pecan crop is faring…

Against the wet weather…

“PUH-kaan” or “PEE-can”… no matter how you say it Georgia’s infamous pecan crop is looking great according to UGA Horticulture Instructor and Pecan Specialist Lenny Wells.

“The pecan crop this year actually looks pretty good. There’s a pretty large crop load everywhere,” said Wells.


Wells said he has seen problems from recent heavy rains.

But… he remains optimistic.

“The growers have had to battle scab quite a bit. But, for the most part, considering all the disease pressure we’ve had with the rain, the crop looks pretty good,” said Wells.

Wells said another concern growers have had to deal with recently is water split.

“Trees are taking up so much water at that time that the water pressure inside the nut builds up so much that it splits the nut on the inside. Sort of like you get with a tomato after those type of situations. Then, about a week later the nuts fall from the tree,” said Wells.

Wells said even with the heavy crop load, the economic outlook for the nuts is looking good.

“At this point, everything we’re told by the buyers is that even with the heavy crop load that we have in Georgia this year is that the prices should be pretty decent,” said Wells.

Wells said their research continues to develop disease resistant varieties.

“There’re three main ones that we have in production right now… Lakota, Excel, and McMillian. We have a few others that we’ve got planted that aren’t producing yet. Some newer varieties, one of which was released by our pecan breeder here at the University of Georgia Doctor Patrick Conner. That variety is called Avalon. It looks very promising as well,” said Wells.

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