DPH official says COVID-19 cases are increasing but death and hospitalization rates are decreasing


ALBANY, Ga. – Georgia, along with three other states is now listed as having an active outbreak of COVID-19, according to COVID Act.

It’s been over 100 days since Georgia reported its first cases of coronavirus. And although the COVID-19 infection rate in the state was once lowering, COVID-19 cases are beginning to creep back up. But there is a bright side.

“Even though the entire state is seeing a little bit of a rise in active cases, the good news is the death rate is dramatically gone down,” says Dr. Charles Ruis, the Department of Public Health’s Southwest Health District Health Director.

Death rates and hospitalization have gone down because this time around, most of the new cases are in younger people.

“While some of them are sick for a few days most of them are bouncing back pretty quickly, so it’s a double-edge sword it’s bad that we’re having more cases– more spread– but the good thing is it’s not as devastating as it was two months ago.”

Dr. Ruis believes the uptick in cases may be caused by the lifting of shelter in place orders.

“I think a lot of people were tired of being cooped-up. Maybe some people had a little too much confidence and made some choices that weren’t the wisest but it’s not too late to change that.”

Dr. Ruis says that the most crucial thing to do when trying to contain a virus is to just stay home when feeling sick.

“Over and over we hear a similar story. The vast majority of cases occur because a sick person who knew that they had symptoms went out and mixed in public and spread the germs.”

Along with staying home, Dr. Ruis encourages people to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and social distance when out in public. Ruis feels confident that South West Georgia will see another decrease in cases if CDC guidelines are followed.