Downtown Tifton ‘charged up’

Friendly City welcomes 6 new EV charging stations

TIFTON, Ga. – The City of Tifton is making downtown more suitable for citizens or visitors with electric vehicles… welcoming six new EV charging stations to downtown Tifton.

The charging stations were made possible by Georgia Power’s ‘Make Ready Infrastructure Program’. Once funding is approved, this program will install the electric infrastructure making them affordable and convenient.

The City was able to negotiate no upfront costs for the installation of the charging pedestals and contracted with EnviroSpark, to
complete installation and provide charging services at the selected location.

Tifton’s location on I-75 makes the Friendly City a hub for vehicles of all types, both electric and non electric…

Tifton Mayor Julie Smith believes installing these stations downtown will bring more visitors to downtown Tifton… Stating in a press release quote ” “We are delighted to have visitors who need charging stations choose downtown Tifton to stroll, shop and dine while their car charges. These visits will stimulate economic development in our lively downtown.”

The downtown Tifton EV charging stations will now show up on car maps directing drivers to the heart of Tifton.

The unveiling ceremony will be Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the downtown parking lot on Commerce Way.

Mary Alex Anders reporting.

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