Dougherty County Board of Commissioners increases minimum wage

Dougherty County Employees Receive Increase Effective July 6, 2020
County Commission Meeting

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, Ga. – Last week and as part of the approval of the county budget for Fiscal Year 2021, the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners voted to raise the minimum wage of county employees earning $8.64 per hour, which included Laborers, Custodians, Warehouse Workers, and others. The increase was effective on July 6, 2020.

All county positions below grade level 106 were reclassified to higher grade levels for the pay increase. Approximately 87 employees received pay increases that raised their pay to $10.50 or more per hour, depending on their years of service and position classi- fication. Job titles affected included: Custodian, Laborer, Warehouse Worker, Court Se- curity, Judicial Security, Mail Clerk, HR Clerk, Custodian II, Library Assistant, Adminis- trative Clerk, and Grounds Maintenance Technician. Those in supervisory roles also re- ceived increases.

“These employees are among some of our hardest working employees,” said Michael McCoy, Dougherty County Administrator. “We are pleased to be able to raise their pay so that they can enjoy a higher quality of living as they give back to the citizens of Dougherty County.”

Dougherty County is currently actively recruiting for Custodians and Laborers. Candi- dates may apply at and click on County Employment Opportunities at the top of the home page.