DOCO commissioners speak up after controversial vote

McCoy out as county administrator

ALBANY, Ga. – Just over a day later, questions are being asked in Dougherty County over the decision regarding the termination of former county administrator, Michael McCoy during Monday’s work session.

In a 4-3 vote, the commission voted to let go of McCoy as the county administrator.

The vote came about after McCoy allegedly hired an assistant without the authority to hire.

“…Then I discovered that some thought that I decided to help consider and not even inform the commission. And so that’s inexcusable and it’s unacceptable for me…” said Chairman Lorenzo Heard, Dougherty County Commission.

It’s a decision that was split down the middle for county commissioners.

“I didn’t think it was the right thing to do. I was thinking that they maybe could’ve sat down and talked about it, and he could’ve kind of mentioned where he stood and how unhappy he was…” said Anthony Jones, Ward 6 Commissioner, Dougherty County.

Some even speaking up during the meeting about the termination… and the immediate ramifications it could have on Dougherty County.

“…But this is putting the county in serious liability. Not only legally, because now you’re talking about two individuals who could turn around and sue us. But now you’re putting the county in a very very very fragile state during budget season…” said Russell Gray, Ward 4 Commissioner, Dougherty County.

In a statement sent out late Monday afternoon, Chairman Heard said that as they move in a different direction, they want to to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Dougherty County while providing the services our citizens expect…

CBS 44 reached out to the county commissioners who voted yes to terminate McCoy. They have not returned our request for an interview at this time.

Brian Roche reporting.

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