A Farm-tastic time; Crisp Academy Hosts Annual ‘Farm Day’

Connecting students to agriculture and their community

CORDELE, GA – On Friday, Crisp Academy held their second annual ‘Farm Day’ event, educating students on agriculture and connecting them to their community.

“So, it’s just very educational…and again, like if their family is a farming family, it helps them just have some pride in that,” said ‘Farm Day’ director and second grade teacher, Laura Bailey.

Anden, a fifth grader at CA, said he is very appreciative of farming and said it’s important for people to understand what it truly takes to be farmer.

“They should know that farming is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of money. Just a lot of different things. You can’t just say “oh I want to be a farmer” then buy a tractor and start plowing fields if you don’t know what you’re going to do,” said Anden.

Although Farm Week consisted of many themed-days throughout the week, every student agreed their favorite day was today.

A fan favorite of the day was none other than the chickens.

“I actually learned there is a bunch of different breeds of chickens” says Saige, a student at CA.

Anden added, “some are bred for racing, some are bred for fighting, some are bred for eating.”

“The Chick-Fil-A chickens, the Zaxby’s chickens, the KFC chickens, the chickens you buy from the grocery store, the Mexican chickens! Those are good!” said another CA student.

Many of the livestock and machinery were provided by the parents of students.

Taylor Cohen, whose father farms, said his favorite part of the day was an easy decision.

“Tractors the best…(why do you love tractors?) because I love to plant with them” Cohen said.

When asked which of the tractors were his favorite, Cohen said, “all of them.”

‘Farm Day’ activities also included a hayride, and additional recreation activities that tied into the topic of farming and agriculture.

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering your livestock, machinery or anything farm related in next year’s ‘Farm Day’, you can call Crisp Academy at 229-273-6330.

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