City of Cordele welcomes new fire chief

Stop, drop, & roll...

CORDELE, Ga. – Stop, drop, and roll… Cordele, Georgia has a new fire chief in town and his name is Todd Alligood.

“We’re going to train well, we’re going to be prepared, and we’re going to serve this community to our very best,” said Chief Todd Alligood.

Chief Alligood tells me that he has already began to implement changes for the better of Cordele.

“We expanded our service, we our running a lot more motor vehicles accident cause now, we’re running some trauma cause, some cardiac arrest I got guys who are trained and ready,” said Chief Todd Alligood.

Alligood also tells me that he’s most excited about the amazing staff he has to work with.

“I’ve got really good people , I’ve got some firefighters that are eager to learn, that are willing to listen, that have a passion to serve. They want to be in the community,” said Chief Alligood.

Chief Alligood believes that his experience makes him best suited for the job.

“I held every promotable position, I went from a firefighter, to sergeant, to a lieutenant, to a captain, then to a battalion chief, and then finally a deputy chief. So I know the challenges each one of those ranks holds and know the rewards,” said Chief Alligood.

Chief Alligood hopes to keep the safe presence and fire safety that his predecessor did.

Cameron Sanders reporting.

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