ASU Police hosts active shooter training

Preparing for the worst

ALBANY, Ga. – Law enforcement agencies from across the state gathered at Albany State University Wednesday to simulate how to respond to an active shooter scenario.

Albany State University Police Chief, Anita Allen says that with mass shootings becoming a frequent occurrence, law enforcement agencies across Georgia need to be prepared to handle a crisis like this.

“We’re seeing this happen across the world. So that’s why it’s so important to local law enforcement agencies and agencies across the world to make sure that we train and prepare ourselves, so that if we have to encounter anything like this, we are well prepared to react,” said Chief Anita Allen, ASU Police dept.

Members of the Albany Police, Dougherty County Police and Sheriff’s Office, and several other Georgia college police forces were in attendance…

Some from as far north as Atlanta thanks to the University System of Georgia.

“One of the things that we do within the university system is we reach out and help other agencies that may not have the manpower to put on this type of training. So the university system actually contacted myself and my captain, as well as two officers from the university of Georgia.” said Nickolas Garner, Sgt. Over Training, Univ. West Georgia.

With historically black colleges and universities being the subject of hoax threats in recent years, it’s a valid reason for local law enforcement to stay on top of their training.

“It does give us an opportunity to train, as far as how we would respond. And it gives our officer realistic training, which is what we’re doing today with the simulations,” said Lt. George Fry,  ASU Police dept.

While we were not able to record any of the training, Chief Allen says practical training will always win when preparing for a crisis.

“…So there’s a classroom portion and the portion you see now, scenario-based where they’re actually going through the process. It’s very important that the officers know how to respond, when to respond, how to use their weapons. When to make those commands to the individuals they’re talking to. But it’s very important that our local partners are working together, because anybody could respond on this campus…” said Chief Allen, ASU Police dept.

Chief Allen says that in providing this crisis training to all possible agencies, they can avoid a worst case scenario for the student body.

Chief Allen encourages any Albany State students at any time they feel unsafe on campus to call campus police at 229-430-4711.

Brian Roche reporting.

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