Albany Technical College hosts Summer Enrichment and Healthcare Exposure Camp

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ALBANY, Ga. – Albany Technical College proudly announces the successful completion of its Summer Enrichment and Healthcare Exposure Camp, held Monday through Thursday. The program, designed for rising 7th through 12th graders in Southwest Georgia, aimed to provide students with valuable enrichment in math and english while introducing them to the diverse healthcare programs available at Albany Technical College.

“I firmly believe that providing students with enriching experiences in math and English during their summer break is of paramount importance,” expressed Tomekia Cooper, Dean of General Education at Albany Technical College. “By engaging students in activities that strengthen their skills, we empower them to maintain and enhance their academic proficiency, ultimately preparing them for future success in their educational and professional journeys.”

Under the guidance of experienced instructors and industry professionals, students received comprehensive training and certification in American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR, sponsored by LifeLink of GA. They also acquired vital Stop the Bleed training to respond effectively to emergencies.

“With children out of school during the summer, accidents become more likely in less structured environments,” stated Lisa Stephens, Dean of Healthcare Technology at Albany Technical College. “We are committed to ensuring that all students are prepared to handle such emergencies and safeguard lives.”

The skills acquired in the camp also hold great significance for aspiring healthcare professionals. Proficiency in emergency response techniques is essential for healthcare workers entrusted with saving lives and providing immediate care.

The camp concluded with an engaging knowledge bowl, reinforcing the educational objectives. Participants, rising 7th through 12th graders from Southwest Georgia, competed for the top three spots, showcasing their understanding of the concepts learned throughout the week.

Albany Technical College remains dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences and preparing students for success. The Summer Enrichment and Healthcare Exposure Camp exemplifies the institution’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a strong foundation in academic subjects and introducing them to rewarding healthcare careers.

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