Albany Coalition of Churches to host vaccination events

ALBANY, Ga. – Currently across the Phoebe Health System there are 27 patients battling COVID-19.

“…and those numbers are down slightly from last week.” said Phoebe’s Emergency Medical Director, Dr. James Black

But Dr. Black says he doesn’t want to get too comfortable until there’s a downward trend.

“…so we’re seeing those numbers up and like I said, I’d like to see them come back down but we’re still kind of close to the most recent ones, so we’re going to keep our fingers crossed and keep hoping for lower numbers.” said Dr. Black

To those on the fence about getting the COVID vaccine or updated booster, Dr. Black says now is the time.

“You know nationwide and somewhat in this part of the state, we’ve seen an increase over the past several weeks. So, the disease is still out there, it has not gone away.” Dr. Black said.

“We as minorities are some of the hardest hit people that have been affected by COVID-19.” said Kerri Davis.

The Albany Coalition of Churches is hosting several vaccination events, including one this weekend at New Hope Full Gospel Ministries. Kerri Davis tells South Georgia Television News that this is part of their mission, local churches working together to bring services and resources to our community.

“You’re hearing it from trusted leaders in our community how important it is to get these vaccinations, and this vaccination is free to our community, so all we have to do is come out and get it…” said Davis.

Deborah Peterson is the Pastor’s wife at New Hope, she shared her experience dealing with COVID-19

“I had several family members and friends to die from COVID-19 and it’s very imperative that they come out and get their shots.” said Peterson. “You can’t listen to other, you got to know for yourself how important this is.” Peterson added.

See picture below for vaccination events hosted by the Albany Coalition of Churches: