46th Annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show and Conference Held in Tifton

Georgia Peanut Commission and University of Georgia Hosts 46th Annual Peanut Farm Show

TIFTON, GA – Tifton’s UGA Campus Conference Center held the 46th Annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show this morning.

Our own Matthew Crumley was there and has a lot to share about the experience.

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Hundreds of growers and exhibitors passed through the halls of the John Hunt Auditorium of the UGA Tifton Campus to learn and showcase the best in the production of Georgia’s Official State Crop…Peanuts!

“We’ve got a great turnout.  The last couple years COVID had caused us to miss a year. We kind of spread things out and did a two-day show to spread people out. But, we’re back to a normal conference this year, and I think everybody is excited to be back,” said Don Koehler, Executive Director of the Georgia Peanut Commission.

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There were tractors, planters, and combines on display for attendees to see the latest and best in peanut equipment.

Koehler said marketing conditions have not been as favorable recently, but he is optimistic about this year’s upcoming crop.

“Well, looking at marketing conditions we had a smaller carry-out, which means there’s a little more demand. I think we can see some increase in acres. Some of that’s going to depend on cotton prices and corn prices, but we’ll probably see some increase in acres this year. We have the opportunity to do that,” said Koehler.

UGA even showcased the newest form of agricultural technology that applies pesticides from the air!

“One of the university guys has his new spray drone which you can actually use this drone to spray crops with the protectants that we need for it,” said Koehler.

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While farmers face much adversity and challenges Koehler says the ultimate goal of peanut farmers is to make profitable yields.

“There’s no silver bullet for us. The Georgia Peanut Commission patches its work to make incremental improvements for the farmers to help them be profitable. And, that’s the thing, at the end of the day, we have to have is profitability on the farm,” said Koehler.

The best part of the show was the opportunity to taste a delicious peanut specialty…

“And, that’s a wrap from today’s peanut show and conference where they got to attend seminars and see lots of equipment. But, they also got to taste peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And, they’re so good! I’m Matthew Crumley, reporting from Tifton, Because Local Matters!”

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For information on peanuts from the Georgia Peanut Commission click here.