Worth Co. Sheriff talks animal fighting ring bust

(WORTH COUNTY, GA) – On a small back road in rural worth county, a major bust took place, as deputies broke up a cockfighting ring taking place at one of the homes.

Sheriff Don Whitaker recounts the first view of the site.

He tells us, “…It was a chicken-fighting ring. We found several dead chickens that had been cut up during the fight, and numerous, numerous cages of fighting roosters that had been caged up.”

According to the sheriff, around 60 people were on site when deputies intervened on Sunday.

Currently 20 are in for questioning, and charges can be quite steep for the bloodsport, going beyond illegal gambling.

“…Then you’ve got the cruelty to animal charges, which to me is very cruel and inhumane if you were to see how these chicken-fights go on, and what happens to the chickens during the fight.”

Sheriff Whitaker goes on to condemn the vicious act that nearly 200 roosters would have been subjected to, saying, “It’s a very serious crime, and we hope to eradicate this type out of Worth county. And hopefully any county in Georgia. It’s very cruel and we don’t want to see it.”

Sheriff Whitaker says Worth County deputies have been caring for the surviving roosters since the bust. And that they hope to find them a proper home as the investigation continues.

No names of suspects have been released at this time due to the ongoing investigation.