Unable to sweat: How some pet owners help their dogs beat the heat

(LEESBURG, GA) – With the Summer season officially underway, we spoke with one local veterinarian about what you can do to protect your pups from the heat.

Dr Wyatt Ford with the Philema Animal Hospital tells us it starts with understanding why dogs cant sweat in the first place.

“Dogs don’t thermoregulate and sweat and stay cool like humans do. So it’s important that they’re not getting too hot during these summer months,” says Ford.

We caught up with a couple of pet owners, both longtime and new about what they’re doing this summer to keep their dogs from overheating.

“We have a little pen, but it’s shaded. We’ve got a tarp over the top of it and he’s under a tree, but we don’t keep him out there no longer than 15 minutes. This way he has time to go and do what he needs to do,” says Leesburg resident, Kaitlyn Oaks as she holds her 10 month old dog, Loki.

While long-time Leesburg resident, Melinda Hicks says for her dog, Polly, “We take her for walks in the early morning, or late in the evening, and we always keep fresh water, both inside and outside for her.”

Above all else, Philema Animal Hospital wants pet owners to make sure they’re on top of their situation this summer.

Dr Ford tells us, “We want to treat our four legged friends just like any other human that we’re interacting with. We want to make sure they’re staying cool, staying in a nice, shaded environment, and keeping water around, nice fresh water.”