UGA testing for asymptomatic carriers among student populace

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(TIFTON, GA) – With Tift County’s COVID-19 numbers rising, the University of Georgia’s Tifton Campus has had to respond with the goal of protecting hundreds of students and staff members.

This comes in the form of a very thorough examination system to find possible asymptomatic carriers.

“On a weekly basis, we’ll take a random sample of the population, they’ll come in, get the saliva test, and results will come back in around 48-72 hours,” says Assistant Dean, Michael Toews.

Every morning, those coming to the Tifton campus for the day are required to have their temperature checked, as well as complete a survey to ensure they’re not showing any symptoms.

Even then, UGA is still making sure that in and around classes, students and faculty are kept safe.

Toews tells us, “Students get the opportunity to sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer right when they come in the building. Each of the classes are spaced differently, each of the chairs are spread out by six feet. There are alcohol wipes for each student to wipe down their area. And our custodians are also working overtime to make sure those classes are all sanitized.”

For all of the measures taken at the Tifton campus, the University of Georgia in addition to looking out for the safety of students and faculty, but the larger community as well.

Toews says, “Our folks are active members on lots of boards, lots of organizations. So the tactic that we’ve taken is we do everything we can to protect our people. We wear proper ppe, we’re following the epa guidelines. And we do our part to support community health.”

The COVID-19 surveillance test will come at no cost to students or faculty.