U.S. Secretary of Labor tours Turner Job Corps, emphasizing workforce training

Turner Job Corps is the largest nationwide residential career-training program in the U.S. Since 1964.

ALBANY, Ga. – U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh joined Congressman Sanford Bishop and Turner Job Corps leaders to tour the facility, answer questions students had and hear their concerns.

During Secretary Walsh’s tour, the discussion was focused around the value of training for the workforce which helps in strengthening the economy.

“Job corp is an amazing opportunity to prepare workers for the needs that companies have today in America.” said Secretary Walsh.

Secretary Walsh visited Albany’s Turner Job Corps Center Monday, as he monitors the U.S. Department of Labor’s Good Job Initiative. This initiative is a collaborative effort by the Biden-Harris administration improving job quality, with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s implementation.

“And of course, job corp is one of the best workforce development programs for our young people particularly those who didn’t get a good start, and of course this is a second chance of greater opportunities to make a great career.” said Congressman Bishop

Bishop adds that they have all of the tools at the job corp, but could use the investment of resources.

“And having the secretary down to see first hand what the needs are, and to hear from the students first hand what they perceive the needs are and to have him to be able to give us the commitment that he’s given us.” said Bishop.

Walsh says area business shouldn’t suffer the labor pains of worker shortages, with the job corp in their own backyard.

“If you’re looking for skilled workers, partner with this job corp center to talk about the opportunities and set up training programs that they are able to train workers to go right into those industries.” said Walsh.

“So I was very impressed with what we have and what opportunities we have here.” said Rachel Torres the National Director for Job Corp.

Turner Job Corp, is the 4th largest nationwide residential career training program, has been helping teens and young adults with completing their high school education and land a spot in their career field since the mid the late 70s.

I spoke with Rachel Torres, the National Director for Job Corp, and says there are some things Turner could improve upon.

“It does need some help and some renovations that need to be done and we are really really doing our best to make sure we get the funding to get the renovations done, but ultimately I’m impressed with the trade.” said Torres.

Torres was ecstatic to hear the students questions and honest concerns about the job corp.

“One of the things that we really mean when we say be honest and be frank is to do so, and they were honest and they were frank. Some of them were doing really well, I mean they’re doing the best that they can, and others who are still trying to really well, are voicing their concerns that they have. Whether it’s the structure of the center, whether the facilities are not up to par.” said Torres.