Turner County superintendent discusses retiring Rebel moniker

(ASHBURN, GA) – After more than 60 years, the Turner County Rebels mascot is being retired. And Superintendent, Craig Matthews says the student body played a vital role in the decision.

He tells us, “The decision to change the mascot came at the request from the student body. The students wanted the opportunity to change the mascot, and they spoke out about it. They came and spoke to the school board…”

Matthews says the discussion about the Rebel mascot has been brought up several times in the last few years.

When it came decision time to retire the rebel, there was mixed reaction to say the least.

“The mascot, being a rebel did cause a divide in our community. The support is divided…,” says Matthews.

While not everyone may be on board with the idea of a brand new mascot, students as well as board members felt it was time for a change.

It may help bring the Turner County community together under a new banner.

Superintendent Matthews tells us, “We wanted a mascot that everybody could come together and support. And to bring some unity within our school. And hopefully carry over into our community.”

With the decisions in place, the Turner County School System is going to enter a new chapter of its history later this year. The new mascot will be announced this Spring, according to Superintendent Matthews.