Tift County extends mask mandate

(TIFTON, GA) – The Tift County Commission has extended the mask mandate through the end of May.

It’s a decision County Manager, Jim Carter says came down to the level of foot traffic in downtown buildings like the courthouse.

“We felt like, instead of trying to jsut have masks mandated on days they were going to have court here, we would just leave it in place and makes it easier for the citizens to understand it. If you come into a county building until the end of May, you have to put a mask on,” says Carter.

We spoke with a few members of the community for their thoughts on the extension of the mask mandate.

Some understand the current COVID-19 situation and are fine with needing to keep their masks on in county buildings.

“I think it’s still a good idea because we’re still going through the coronavirus. And you never know…,” says Tifton resident, Kay Washington.

While fellow Tifton resident, Mask Williams tells us, “I think it’s a good decision because it’s keeping down a lot of corona. And we kind of need it because our city was kind of flooded with corona once upon a time. So I think it’s a good decision.”

While others feel that it the mask mandates have overstayed their welcome.

“This mask business has been going on for too long. I don’t see the reason to keep going with it,” says Tifton local, William Pierce.

Carter tells us Tift County’s current COVID-19 rate is around 30 cases per 100 thousand people.