Tift Co sees steady turnout for Senate Runoff Election

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(TIFT COUNTY, GA) – In Tift County, voters we spoke to say that, despite rumblings online telling them not to vote, they still felt it was important to get out and cast their ballot in the senate runoff.”

“I mean, if we lose this election, who knows what’s going to happen in future elections? If Democrats rule the world, then we’re in trouble,” says Robert Lynch of Ty Ty.

Across Tift county, plenty of polling locations were revolving doors throughout the day with a steady stream of voters.

But for a couple of people, it was their first time getting out to vote.

20 year old, Dontavious Bell of Tifton tells us, “It’s actually pretty motivating to see the change. Like i’m about to go in and vote, and to see it actually happen and say ‘i’m a part of it’ it was my first time, and i’m gonna do it for the rest of my life.”

“My husband talked me into it. And i’m with him, if they take away our rights, then we ain’t got nothing,” says Lynch’s wife, Belinda.

Whether they voted Democrat or Republican, Tift county voters were not going to simple take the runoff in stride.

But moving forward, everyone now matter age or affiliation is going to be casting their ballots.

“I feel like this is the most crucial, because groups like Congress has to pass almost anything, any bills. And just to be a part of that and to be able to vote, that’s why I’m here,” says Bell/

As the 2020 election season wraps up, it’ll be interesting to see the voter turnout over the course of the next election cycle if Tift County is anything to go by.