Suspect caught in fatal shooting

(ALBANY, GA) – A suspect in the shooting of Joshua Hollis that took place on West Highland Avenue earlier this month has been caught. Now investigations are looking into if this was a possible hate crime.

“We had a good relationship overall, and the fact that this happened, the way it happened, I feel like whoever did this is a coward,” That was victim, Joshua Hollis’ father, Earnest talking about losing his child.

Joshua, who had been transitioning to a woman named Serenity was allegedly killed by 56 year old Robert Harvey.

That’s why Dougherty County is looking to pursue this case as a hate crime.

“Dougherty County District Attorney, Gregory Edwards tells us, “We’re looking at all of the circumstances, including any postings on social media, any representations to people who are familiar to the individuals.”

Edwards says the punishment of a felony murder as a hate crime is life in prison with no parole.

Hollis’ father says that he isn’t fully convinced Harvey is the one who did it, but still played a part in Hollis’ death.

Earnest tells us, “If he did do it, that means this was a premeditated situation. He held onto a grudge and decided to act on it years later. Or if he didn’t do it, he’s still part of whoever did it, he’s still part of the situation.”

Harvey was charged with Murder, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, Possession of Firearm during the Commission of Crime and Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers.