Southwest Georgia First Response agencies form traffic task force

(ALBANY, Ga)-First responders in Southwest Georgia are coming together to make sure that accidents like this are less likely to happen.

It’s known as the Traffic Incident Management Enhancement Task Force.

CG Scott Malcolm, Incident Management Specialist, Parsons Response Agency. 10-14

Incident Management Specialist, Scott Malcolm tells us, “The State of Georgia D.O.T (Department of Transportation) has recognized that we are losing too many first responders in struck-by incidents on the roadways, and too many responders being injured, working crashes on the roadways. So they decided to do something about it…”

The task force, originally used in Atlanta, is being implemented across Southwest Georgia to make sure that traffic flow stays the same, in the event of an accident…

As well as stopping what are known as “secondary accidents.”

“We know that nation-wide, 25% of roadway crashes are what we call ‘Secondary Crashes’. In which a collision occurs in the backup of traffic created by the first collision. So it protects responders and the motoring public as well,” says Malcolm.

Dougherty County EMS Director, Sam Allen tells us how time will help in more rural areas across the region.

CG Sam Allen, Director, Dougherty County EMS 54-58

“For rural first, it’ very important, because they might think they’ll have a high traffic accident. But if someone doesn’t see it and comes up on it, there’s a high potential for an accident injury, post-accident, causing damage to emergency vehicles,” says Allen.

Allen tells us there will be more task force meetings, though no dates have been announced.