SoGa responds to Sha’Carri Richardson disqualification

(ALBANY, GA) – Following the disqualification of Olympic athlete, Sha’Carri Richardson, many are wondering if the decision was an overreaction to her using marijuana.

Some of the people we spoke to locally feel that the decision was an overreaction.

“I don’t think it’s fair, I think that people should be able to do what they want to do, it shouldn’t be like that. It’s not fair,” says Albany resident, Robert Cowart.

But while some do agree that it’s an overreaction, it’s still breaking the rules of foreign substances.

Fellow Albany resident, Raven Enfinger tells us, “If it is illegal, and if it’s against the rules, and that’s what they do, you know, they break the rules, that’s what happens. But thte way its blown up, i feel its been blown out of proportion.

But Richardson’s disqualification does raise another question: should marijuana still be considered harmful when states have been making efforts to decriminalize and legalize it.

“Everyone has their opinions as far as weed goes. But it’s hard to say. I mean in my every day life it doesn’t affect me…,” says Enfinger.

While Coward says, “They should have at least given her a warning. You know, they should have given her a chance. You know what I mean?”