Sen. Ossoff announces major funding for Albany Area Primary Health Care

(ALBANY, GA) – Georgia’s new Senator, Jon Ossoff was back in the Good Life City Wednesday with a high-dollar announcement of his own.

As part of the American Rescue Plan, one Albany Medical Provider is going to get a sorely needed shot in the arm, financially

Senator Ossoff told those in attendance Wednesday, “It is with great pleasure that i can announce this facility, Albany Area Primary Care will be receiving 8.8 million dollars in federal funding.”

Much of it is earmarked for increasing the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination

With Georgia having the one of the lowest vaccination rates , it’s more about getting more Georgians to roll up their sleeves.

“The issue is no longer the supply of vaccine. The issue is now all of us as individuals taking responsibility for getting the vaccine,” says Ossoff.

While the COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues in Georgia and Albany Area Primary Care is receiving more than 8 million dollars in funding, Senator Ossoff wants every Georgian to make a plan to get vaccinated.

He says, “Defeating this virus requires all of us as members of the community to do our part. And that means listening to the medical experts, and making an appointment now to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which is free…”

Albany Area Primary care says that at this time they’ve administered more than 9,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccinations.