Salvation Army of Albany looking to continue food distribution

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(ALBANY, GA) – For nearly six weeks, cars have been lined up around the Albany Civic Center, in the hopes of getting some help with food during the pandemic.

While Thursday will be the last official one for now, the Salvation Army is working to keep it going.

Salvation Army Captain, James Sullivan tells us, “I think it’s playing a vital role, because we’ve been giving out 800-900 boxes of food, and the lines still continue.

In addition to receiving help from the local food banks in Albany, the Salvation Army is hoping to reload on food very soon.

They’re even looking in North Georgia for a little help as well.

“We have some people in the Atlanta area who are working on getting us another food truck with fresh vegetables. So once they make contact, we’ll go live with you all that the food has come in and when we’ll be distributing,” says Captain Sullivan.

As the Salvation Army continues to find ways to continue food distribution in the good life city in a re-opening Georgia, they see what they’re doing to fight food insecurity as a necessity.

While Coronavirus trends are flattening, for the time being, food distribution needs to go on.

Captain Sullivan says, “We want this to be a continual thing, because as far as we know, COVID is not going anywhere, anytime soon. You know there are some who aren’t going back to work any time soon. So there’s going to be a great need even after.”

The Salvation Army will be distributing food Thursday at 9 A.M at the Albany Civic Center.