Public Health Commissioner discusses potential roadblock to further vaccine distribution

(ALBANY, GA) – Optimism led the latest COVID-19 task force meeting with news of improving vaccination statistics.

“Phoebe hit a milestone on Tuesday. We administered our 50,000th inoculation. That’s over 50,000 inoculations at phoebe sites since the start of our vaccination efforts.” says Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kathy Hudson

While progress has been made in administering COVID-19 vaccines throughout the area. Officials say there’s another concern to be worried about: vaccine hesitancy.

The state’s Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Kathleen Toomey admits convincing a greater portion of the population suspicious of the vaccine is going to take more work.

“With our leadership and establishing with quiet confidence, the value of the vaccine and the importance of it and seeing that it will make a difference in everyone’s life…,” says Toomey.

Dr. Toomey goes on to say that while there are those who are adamant about resisting the vaccine, there is a silver lining: surveys show a majority, simply want more information.

And that can be potentially be done through positive peer pressure.

Toomey says, “The greatest influence on individuals being vaccinated is. Seeing their friends, their family members, their religious leaders, and others who are close to them get that vaccination and do well.”

The Department of Public Health says that nearly 21 percent of Dougherty County residents have been fully vaccinated, and over 40,000 county residents have received at least one dose.