Prep Academy of Learning helping kids stay sharp this Summer


(ALBANY, Ga)- An Albany program is making sure children aren’t going to fall behind when school’s back in session.

The Prep Academy of Learning is starting their annual Summer program for kids across South Georgia.

Students will get the chance to keep their academic skills sharp and stay occupied during the Summer months.

Prep Academy Assistant Director, Jocelyn James tells us, “We all know that children kind of forget a little bit during the Summer. So what we do is an enrichment to keep what’s expected of them. So when they start back to whatever school they’re going to.”

Students typically spend the morning in stem courses and learning other skills as well.

Albany teacher Latoya Jackson has had her daughter to the program for the past few years and tells us how important this program is for the educators as well as the students.

“As an educator, it’s important that i make sure that both of my children have a great Summer. And learning everything they need academically to prepare them for the upcoming school year, but also by enjoying their fun and having a good time learning,” says Jackson.

Some of the parents also say they’ve seen results once school is back in session.

SuJuana Williams has enrolled her children in the program for the previous couple of years. She says “Our kids are not only on track, but most of them are advanced when they leave the program.

The academy is also making sure the kids still have time to be kids and enjoy their Summer.

The Prep Academy is also offering kids S.T.E.M courses, cooking classes and drone operation classes.