Plains community supporting Former Pres. Carter in trying time

(PLAINS, Ga)- In the small town of Plains, plenty of people have offered their support for the town’s most notable resident, former president, Jimmy Carter.

“He’s been on all of our prayers lists of course, in our churches. And we’re just lifting him up with our prayers. Because we know that’s what’s going to help him get through it,” says Plains Historic Inn Manager, Ellen Harris

Carter suffered another fall on October 22nd, his second in the month.

The 39th president was admitted to Emoryville Hospital in Atlanta a week earlier because of a head injury related to the fall.

But nobody in the community thinks Carter is giving up.

Philip Kurland, the owner of the Plains Trading Post tells us, “Everyone sticks together. So when Jimmy’s down, everyone is extremely concerned. But we all have one thing in common here, we expect him to come back fighting…”

Many hope to see Jimmy back in town during the week.

But that those in the surrounding communities just keep one thing in mind.

Like Plain Peanuts owner, Bobby Salter says, “Just say a prayer for him. He needs it, but President Carter’s a good fella. He’ll return and he’ll be alright.”

As the former president continues to recover, the community is expecting Carter to be back to normal in no time.

Former President Carter had another fall in his home in Plains earlier this year.