Phoebe officials monitoring COVID-19 around holiday season

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(ALBANY, GA) – COVID-19 numbers are currently holding steady in the Dougherty County area.

After a scary start this past spring, Phoebe is currently treating roughly 25 patients at the main campus.

Though with the apex of the holiday season, that could change.

“Our contingency plan has been full time to make sure that we can handle a population that comes to us. If we get another heavy spike like in April or September, we’re going to be prepared for that,” says Phoebe Putney Hospital CEO, Joe Austin.

While a major traveling holiday in thanksgiving has passed, Phoebe officials are going to be keeping a cautious eye on the next few weeks.

They’re making sure that they’re ready for a worst-case scenario.

Austin tells us, “As of today, we’re staffed to handle 81 patients. We wanted to make sure that we have enough staff onboard that if we do get a holiday spike, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, it spikes beyond the current levels, we’ll be prepared.”

The next few weeks are certainly something medical officials are going to keep an eye on as the holiday season reaches its apex.

Though they’re asking that even with the holidays, people still adhere to the proper guidelines.

“Continue to wear your mask, continue to wash your hands. Because our hospital staff has done such a phenomenal job. And it’s encumbent upon us as a community to help our staff,” says Austin.

Currently there are roughly 30 cases across all Phoebe campuses.