Phoebe Family Tree helping staff’s children during COVID-19 pandemic

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(ALBANY, GA)- All members of Phoebe’s staff are working around the clock to help treat cases of the Coronavirus in Dougherty County.

But due to the schools being closed, the hospital’s authority is lending a hand to those with children.

Phoebe Family Tree Director, Stacey Favors tells us, “Our senior leaders recognize that, there was a need. Because the staff is needed at the hospital, to make sure patients are getting the best care during this time. So in order to do that, their minds must be free to focus on their jobs.”

Phoebe’s Family Tree branch has opened their doors to look after the children of the hospitals staff during the pandemic.

The staff are also taking the time to educate the kids about practicing good hygiene to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“First of all, we make sure to conduct wellness checks throughout the day, when they come in the door, and during the day. Then our schedule is based on academics, they get some academic time, they get time outside. They even get time with our nursing staff to make sure they learn about healthy hygiene,” says Favors.

With kids able to take their mind off of worrying during the pandemic, the camp is also a good way to show how the hospital is looking out for every aspect of their staffs’ lives.

Favors says, “all of this is the phoebe family working together. We have various departments that have come together, our hr department is here to handle check in and check out. Our nursing staff is here to handle wellness checks.”

The hospital has also set up a triage area in case any of the kids get sick.