Owner of special needs dog reunited with beloved pet

(ALBANY, GA) – It’s a beautiful sight and sound to Ariana Thomas.

Thomas told us earlier in the week, “I have been depressed ever since she was gone. We’ve done all we can to put out posters, flyers, and asked around. I was devastated.”

But no longer, as a week of searching proves fruitful, Ariana’s therapy dog, Toot is back where she belongs.

Toot went missing during a thunderstorm, and her absence weighed heavily on Ariana, who suffers from depression and anxiety.

But Friday was a much different story, after the Albany Humane Society found Toot

“I almost dropped to the ground when I saw her face, and I was like ‘yeah, that’s my baby’ and I thanked them for finding her after she was missing for a week,” says Ariana.

She tells us toot was discovered in the woods near the Humane Society, a little hungry and mangey but otherwise ok.

After her entire family spent more than a week searching, it’s a major weight off their collective shoulders to have toot back home again.

She says, “My family is relieved to see our baby back home, and i’m just so happy that she’s back in my arms.”

Ariana wants to thank everyone who helped her family search for Toot, and especially Jennifer Sills, who actually found Toot.

“I just want to thank everybody in the whole of Albany Georgia, for looking out for her. Even through the lost and found Leesburg community on Facebook. I want to thank everybody for looking out for her,” says Ariana.