Ocilla community responds to ICE cutting ties with Detention Center

(OCILLA, GA) – It may not be a bright future for the Irwin County Detention Center as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has severed ties with the facility following allegations of treatment towards some of their female, immigrant inmates.

Some of the people we spoke to aren’t sure on how concrete the allegations are.

“It is an over-exaggeration of the truth. There are hysterectomies done by Dr. Amin, but he is a gynecologist, and he does a lot of those. But as far as a mass hysterectomy down there goes, no…,” says Ocilla resident, Wendy Floyd.

Protestors from immigrant advocacy groups marched on and against the prison over the last year, wanting it closed.

Many of the people we spoke to about this both on and off camera had varying range of the validity of the claims about the prison. But one thing was clear…something needs to change.”

Ocilla native, Dennis Jones tells us, ‘…hard to say but I would think so. But if that allegation is more or less true, then they might do that, like shut em down.

While Floyd says, “It’s a business that has no business in this town like I said. The place is not right, its not run right, and it shouldn’t be there. Period.”

As ICE has cut ties with the Irwin County Detention Center, many are hoping that change may be coming soon.

We reached out to LaSalle Corrections, the operator of the Irwin County Detention Center for further statement, we have not heard back from them at this time.