Newly sworn in police chief outlines plans

(ARLINGTON, GA) – When we spoke with new Arlington Police Chief, Jennifer Fairbanks about the issues she’s looking to tackle, the first and arguably the largest is finding people to join the Arlington Police Department.

She tells us, “Once we get more staff, we can do a whole lot of other stuff and other things that we need to do to secure the city.”

Fairbanks was sworn in as the new Police Chief last week, succeeding the previous chief who had been terminated following an aggravated assault case.

At least one Arlington resident we spoke to is hoping that Chief Fairbanks’ efforts will help to revitalize the community.

El Leon Manager, Abel Villegas says, “Probably three years ago, i used to see kids riding their bikes, and people walking, and now hardly any of that. Most people here are just careless drivers.”

As well, Chief Fairbanks told us that one of the other issues she’s looking to tackle aside from growing the police department

“…Drugs, we’re looking at gang activity, we’re looking at just trying to deter a lot of the negativity with the youth,” says Chief Fairbanks.

But for now, chief fairbanks wants to get the arlington police name back out there.

She says. “Right now, I just want everybody to know that we are here, we’re visible. We will be there. You call, we’re coming.”

Chief Fairbanks had previously served as the Assistant Police Chief in Cuthbert before being sworn in.