New Joshua’s Law requirements take effect July 1st

(ALBANY, GA) – Starting July 1st, the state of Georgia’s new Joshua’s Law legislation takes effect.

It will make driver’s education mandatory, requiring class and on the road training for new motorists to earn their driver’s license, before legally taking the wheel.

Department of Driver Services Public Information Officer, Susan Sports tells us, “We know that the traffic, and the distractions and all the things combined today are very serious. And the formal training definitely prepares all teens…”

The Joshua’s Law training will require anyone turning 17 to take a 30 hour driver’s education course, as well as make 6 hours of on the road training mandatory.

One local driving school says it will help limit accidents.

“The statistics on 17 year olds are kind of harsh, and it shows that 17 year olds have a significant amount of crashes, and some of them fatal,” says DOCO Driving School owner, Debra Storm.

According to the state department of driver services, some teens were skipping needed training, leading to accidents and other issues.

“The Joshua’s Law gives them a lot of information. They check tire pressure, they have a lot of hands on experience when they take the in-classroom class,” says Storm.

“With the requirement for Joshua’s Law going into effect on the 1st, many parents are already signing up their kids for what they hope will be a necessary step towards promoting safe driving.