Meet the candidates running for mayor in Sylvester

SYLVESTER, Ga. – After former mayor, Bill Yearta resigned in the Summer, the city of Sylvester needs a new mayor.

The city will be holding a special election in March 2020 to fill the vacancy.

Two candidates have announced their bids, the first is former Mayor Pro-Tem, Charles Jones. The other candidate is local teacher, Johnny Blake.

“My interest has been in seeing Sylvester grow, and mature into a warm, and welcoming young community,”  Jones said.

While Blake said, “I decided to run for this election (because) we need change. We need new leadership, we need jobs…”

One of the largest issues that both candidates will need to address is that of the vacancy left by Con-Agra foods, a major employer who announced earlier in the week that they would be closing down the plant in Sylvester.

“The sooner we start acting on this matter, the better, we can have a company come in to replace ConAgra but we have to act quickly,” Blake said.

“ConAgra was one of our industrial sites, and they evidently have made the decision to relocate,” Jones said.

We also spoke with both candidates about what else their platforms entail.

“Well, we need to try to build our industrial community in this town, and we need more housing. There’s a number of things we need to do to provide for our citizens,” Jones said.

While Blake said, “Also, we need to focus on our young men and women who are in high school. A lot of them graduate, but they aren’t college ready. So we need a mentorship to help those kids to be prepared to go to college.”

The Sylvester mayoral election will be held on March 24.