Locals welcome President Biden to Plains

(PLAINS, GA) – People were been waiting in Plains for hours, waiting for the arrival of President Biden ahead of his meeting with former president, Jimmy Carter.

Many of the people we spoke to were ecstatic to welcome the current president to Sumter County.

Monroe County resident, Larry Evans drove for over an hour to see the president’s motorcade. He tells us, “It’s not every day that you can get the U.S. President to come down to Georgia. Little ol’ Plains. I think this is great, he wants to include everybody.”

“I just got back from taking my first COVID shot, so i’ve been back like five or ten minutes… like I said, this is my first time seeing a sitting president in person. So I did my best to try and get back so i could see him.” says Plains resident, Darius Hicks.

Wile Americus resident, Fran Messer says, “I think it’s very nice. Because the Carters could not come to his, Biden’s inauguration…”

And while many of the people we spoke to are in favor of the current president, quite a few people we spoke to on and off camera don’t agree with all of President Biden’s moves in his first 100 days in office.

Philip Kurland, who owns Plains Trading Post tells us, “The biggest thing that I can take objection to is that his bills are so full of stuff that has no relevancy to the issue.”

While many were only able to get a glimpse of the 46th president, everyone is watching to see what he does, now that the first 100 days are over.

Biden’s approval rating currently stands at 52 percent.