Locals react to increase in gas prices amid cyberattack

(ALBANY, GA) – The cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline is being felt in South Georgia as many share their experiences with rising gas prices over the last few days.

For Pure Gas Station Owner, Marty Patel, he’s seen full lines at his station on Highway 82 in Albany.

He tells us, “It’s uncertain how long this will last, that’s why I’m sure everyone’s filling up, not knowing when it will end.”

For some people, while they’re topping their tanks trying to get the lowest price, knowing gas will likely three dollars a gallon or higher.

Dawson driver, Daisy Calloway says, “It’s a crying shame that prices have gone up since the last time I was here and now. It doesn’t make sense. The cyberattack, it looks like they could do something about it.”

“I know a lot of people who’ve just raced to the pumps because of they’re hearing ‘well, we’re gonna run out of gas’ so I said ‘let me come and get some in case we run out,’” says Albany resident, Cowana Green

As people are getting concerned about hoarding gas, it’s the same thing with price-gouging.

“There’s no use in going overboard in this and there’s no use in panicking. Panicking usually doesn’t result in any effective solutions,” says Albany’s Robert Gerbert

While Patel says, “We don’t want to restrict people from getting however much gas they can get. Hopefully everyone can get what they need and aren’t just stocking up .”

The average gas price in the state of Georgia was $2.87 a gallon at the end of Tuesday.