Locals discuss ruling on Confederate monument validity

(ALBANY, GA) – After the Virginia Supreme Court made their decision regarding the validity of Confederate monuments. In South Georgia, the argument continues for whether they should stay.

For the Sons of Confederate Veterans like James King, their fight to keep the legacy of their families continues.

King tells us, “by Georgia law and all, our monuments are protected. But that hasn’t prevented cities and counties from illegally making movements to remove those monuments.”

While those with an opposite position like NAACP Interim President, Amna Farooqui have a different view on what should be a monument.

She says, “I think when we’re thinking about monuments, it’s important to have monuments dedicated to those who fought for freedom and justice in our community. Confederate soldiers were not those people.”

The hot-button issue evokes a littany of different responses.

We asked both of our interviewees if they could see the argument from the other side.

“I could imagine you would put up, let’s say a statue of an abolitionist, and then someone says ‘he was actually a sexist, so should we take that monument down?’ like i get that it opens up a conversation…,” says Farooqui

While King says, “I don’t think either side fully understands what I’ve explained about what’s going on, but they’re being used. And I’m not sure that what happened in Charlottesville wasn’t a false flag event.”

While the decision on Charlottesville won’t be immediately seen in Georgia, it could be felt down the road.