Locals concerned over possible raise in gas prices

(ALBANY, GA) – While the Colonial Pipeline hack is in the past, we could see gas prices rise again, thanks in part to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

“I know I have to get the gas anyway, but I think it’s weird that it has gone up a lot. And I think that’s because of the holidays,” says Albany driver, Attiyah Moore.

While prices in our area have returned to under three dollars a gallon, some are seeing others stock up before hitting the road.

Leesburg driver, Joan Waters says, “I think since they shut the pipelines down and everything that was created with the gas. And since we’ve had more abundance of it, I think this has affected that. And I do see that people are filling up before the weekend because of the higher prices.”

But between the pipeline hack and the expected demand for fuel over the holiday weekend, another price hike could be on the horizon..

Moore tells us, “I’m hoping not, but most likely we may. That’s just my opinion. I’m hoping not, but we might because gas prices have gone up steadily since.”

The average price of gas in Georgia going into Memorial Day Weekend was $2.92 a gallon.