Local response to viral Albany Mall fight

(ALBANY, GA) – A few patrons at the Albany Mall went viral this weekend, thanks to a scrap that at this time amassed more than 80 thousand views on Facebook.

We spoke with one former mall employee who says that this latest altercation is nothing new.

“I used to work at the mall about a year ago, and there was a fight almost every week. And sometimes it would be extremely serious to the point of blood and weapons being drawn,” says former mall employee, Nikki Neal.

We showed the video of the fight to dozens of people monday, many wondering where security was to break it up.

Some are disappointed that at the lack of urgency, given the mall’s struggles.

Albany resident, Sheila Summerall tells us, “They gotta tighten up on security, or do something about it, because that’s ridiculous. I mean my grandchildren go out there, my sister goes out there and it’s putting innocent people at risk.”

While fellow former mall employee, Brianna Rosenfeld says, “I’m not surprised that something like this happened and it didn’t seem like anything was done about it…”

There was a consensus among the people we showed the video of the fight to both on and off camera: The ownership group needs to improve security.

“They want to make money, they need to tighten up security and stop stuff like that from happening. Or at least have someone there to protect the innocent people,” says Summerall.

We reached out to the Albany Mall several times for comment. they have handed the investigation over to the Albany Police Department.

We’re also awaiting to hear back from Aranov Leasing, the Albany Mall’s parent company based out of Montgomery, Alabama.