Local response to Home Depot boycott

(ALBANY, GA) – Quite a few people are steering clear the Home Depot following a contingent of Georgia clergy calling for a national boycott of the home improvement chain.

And Governor Kemp says it’s uncalled for.

“They did not ask to be in this political fight. It’s unfair to them, their livelihoods, and their families to be targeted,” said Governor Kemp.

This as Home Depot steered clear of criticizing the new law.

But how do South Georgians feel about the boycott?

“With what the governor has done, he’s wrong on this Jim Crow thing. Now Home Depot not taking a side, I don’t see why we should bother,” says Albany resident, Glenn Fowler.

While fellow Albany resident, David Irvin says, “They need to speak up. Otherwise they’re just trying to keep us from getting to the polls.

We asked Home Depot for the latest position on the controversy, the company providing us a written statement to the effect that they feel all elections should be accessible, fair and secure. And that they’ll work with all of their employees to ensure they have information and resources to vote

South Georgia Television News reached out to Home Depot’s corporate office for further statements. They’ve declined to comment at this time.