Local pharmacies react to Georgia CDC COVID-19 grant

(TIFTON, GA) – The CDC has awarded the state of Georgia nearly 96 million dollars to help increase COVID-19 vaccine rollouts. For local pharmacies in the City of Tifton, this is a huge relief.

While Tifton Drug Company owner, Bill Posey, says he has plenty of COVID-19 vaccines, others haven’t been as fortunate.

Bill tells us, “So many of the local, independent pharmacies, never received vaccines. Or if they did receive vaccines, they got a minimal amount, 100 doses to begin with.”

Across Tifton, Friendly City Pharmacy owner, Christina Brown says the grant will give a second chance for those who missed out the first time

“I think it’s just going to be easier for us to get access to get the vaccine. For a while, we weren’t able to get it in. And so we recently were able to get more vaccines in, which means more people to vaccinate with the vaccines available,” she says.

Both pharmacists are hoping that the increased rollout efforts will ease any lingering hesitancy on getting the vaccine…

Brown tells us, “Now that more data is available, now that more people are getting the vaccine and having good experiences with it, and not having bad side effects. I think that’s encouraging mor people to come out and get vaccinated.”

In posey’s case, he’s been left with a surplus of vaccines, and has organized multiple clinics miles away to get shots in arms.

He says, “We have done vaccine clinics in several small towns around Tifton…we’ll travel 60 miles in order to do a clinic for people.”

You can contact Friendly City Pharmacy at 229-586-8193 or Tifton Drug Company at (229)-396-5552 to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointments.